The Traffic Guy's
Personal Favorite Websites

Tim Conway Jr. has been a popular fixture on Los Angeles Radio for over 15 years. Shortly after the FM talk station that Conway called home switched to a music format, it wasn't long before he found his way to KFI AM 640. He can be heard weeknights from 7 to 10 pm. Click here to visit Tim's KFI web page!
Who says people in Michigan aren't funny? My friend Chris Lawrence  is a stand-up comic and has been a radio host, too. And he has great taste in guests...I've been on his show several times! Chris is a talented guy, but don't take my word for it,
click here to visit Chris' website and find out what he's up to.
Chef Stuart Shaw is your personal chef in south Florida! Chef Stu and his team of experienced chefs can handle everything from chef services to high-end catering and even cooking classes. They'll prepare and serve your meals at your home, office or yacht. Treat yourself to the luxury of a unique gourmet experience.
DRIVING-RELATED WEBSITES - LA Car: The cars and culture of Southern California come together at LA  Featuring auto reviews, events, laws, links and more. No membership required and always free! 

National Traffic Safety Institute - NTSI provides traffic school and defensive driving programs, corporate driver safety programs, fleet driver safety and much more! - Automotive Web Directory - California Lemon Law Specialists - Statewide. Get Rid of Your Lemon & Get Your Money Back Call for Free Case Review - 1-888-395-3666 - Never leave children unattended in or around a motor vehicle. Visit the Kids 'N Cars website to find out just how dangerous it can be.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - Founded in 1980, MADD has become one of the largest and most respected crime victims organizations in the world!

Drunk Busters of America - To help safety educators prevent impaired driving, this company makes impairment goggles that simulate the effects of being under the influence of alcohol. A great idea and a quality product!

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Sy Cohn - "The Driving Therapist" - Sy will help you overcome your driving phobias so you will be a happier, healthier motorist!

RADD - Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving

Learn And Live- Based in the United Kingdom, this group is committed to improving road safety, particularly among young and inexperienced drivers.

Advocates For Highway And Auto Safety

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety

Safety Belt Safe U.S.A. - How safe is your child's car seat?

California Department of Motor Vehicles

Center For Auto Safety - Founded by Consumers Union and Ralph Nader

SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions

The Truck Safety Coalition

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