Here's some information about attending Traffic Violator School
compliments of REED BERRY, "The Traffic Guy"
In many states, courts will allow drivers who have received tickets for basic moving violations (speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, etc.) to attend a Traffic School Class or a Defensive Driving Program.  Generally, the main benefit of attending such a class is to keep the ticket off your driving record and prevent your insurance premiums from increasing, although some states require you to attend such a class if you have received a certain number of tickets and are at risk of losing your driver's license. If you receive a ticket while visiting another state, you will generally be allowed to attend a traffic school (defensive driving) class for that violation if you were ticketed in a state which offers such an option to drivers.  Check with the court or agency that processed your traffic ticket to see if a traffic school class or defensive driving program is an option for you.

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In California, basic traffic violations are one point moving violations.  More serious violations such as DUI (driving under the influence) , reckless driving and illegal transport of explosives,  just to name a few, are two point moving violations.  If you have received a ticket for a one point moving violation, you may qualify to attend an eight hour traffic school class.  Upon completion of the class, your ticket will be dismissed and will not appear on your public driving record.  Generally, you are only allowed to attend traffic school once in an 18-month period but, with a judge's permission, it is possible to attend traffic school again under California Vehicle Code 41501(a).  You may wish to think twice about getting that second ticket, because you will have to attend a minimum of twelve hours of traffic school and the second ticket will appear on your public driving record as a dismissed ticket.

If you have received a ticket and wish to go to traffic school, you must wait to receive a "Courtesy Notice" from the court telling you how much your ticket will cost (ticket prices can vary from court to court).  You will pay the ticket amount plus a Traffic School Administrative Fee (usually $29.00 to $39.00) and you will sign an affadavit stating that you have not attended traffic school within the last 18 months. When the court receives payment, they will then provide you with a date by which traffic school must be completed and with a list of approved traffic schools. Most courts will provide you with a list containing the names and phone numbers of all traffic schools licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and you may attend the school of  your choice. However, some courts provide smaller lists containing a limited number of schools and you must pick from that list. If you do not see the name of the school you wish to attend or if the court failed to provide you with a list of traffic schools, be sure to check with the court prior to attending class to make sure that a certificate from a particular traffic school will be accepted. Traffic School fees, schedules and locations vary.

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